who we are


We are a beautiful team armed with more than 15 years experience and the ability to make people connect and respond, to feel comfortable around us.
Our purpose is to push a little bit the limits of videography and produce playful, creative videos that make people smile, laugh, cry, be nostalgic about this special day, even it’s about wedding, engagement, christening/baptism or a simple party.
Instead of artificially building story, we prefere real moments, raw emotions. We love consistency and we want the final wedding video to be energetic, fun, but, in the same time, relevant and elegant.
It’s all about people, about love. For this reason, our work it’s not so much about what actually happens in the video as it is how the video makes you feel while you watch it.
Wise advice: be yourself, don’t get stuck in traditions, don’t rush, dare to share your love and joy with familly and friends, invest in your memories!

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